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Suckabucket reduces airborne contaminants such as Crystalline Silica

Designed for use with a typical shop vacuum using 2.25" or 1.75" hose, and HEPA filter.

SuckaBucket sits atop standard 3.5, 5, 6, and 7 gallon buckets.

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Suckabucket is designed to control unwanted airborne particulates; keeping your work space cleaner, and your employees healthier.


Many dry mix materials contain products that can affect human health when inhaled. Even seemingly harmless materials like flour or sugar can create dust that can be harmful with prolonged exposure.


Concrete, mortars, and grouts often contain crystalline silica dust which can cause lung cancer and other respiratory problems.


Suck-a-bucket can dramatically reduce these airborne contaminants and help to keep your work environment cleaner by reducing surface dust on adjacent areas.

OSHA requires that employers take measures to control the amount of dust released from products containing Crystalline Silica.  

OSHA 3681 Concerning Respirable Crystalline Silica Dust

This document outlines the potential health effects caused by exposure to Crystalline Silica Dust and OSHA's employer requirements for protecting workers by using dust controls such as the Suckabucket.

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